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Updated: Prison Population Estimates: Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

In the past few years, there have been drops in the correctional population as a whole as well as drops in the incarceration rate.

MDMA and PTSD: A Conversation with Rick Doblin, Executive Director of MAPS

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine is also known by its initials: MDMA, though it's better known to the public as Ecstasy.

Interview with Sanho Tree About the US Drug Control Strategy

The Office of National Drug Control Policy, (the Drug Czar's office), is required by law to produce an annual national drug control strategy report.

Interview with Molly Gill from Families Against Mandatory Minimums

CSDP Director of Research Doug McVay recently recorded an hour-long interview with Molly Gill, Government Affairs Council for the organization Families Against Mandatory Minimums.

Interview with Johann Hari, author of "Chasing The Scream"

CSDP Director of Research Doug McVay recently interviewed Johann Hari, author of "Chasing The Scream" for public radio. The full audio is available at

Drug Policy Facts Podcast for June 27 2015

The Drug Policy Facts podcast is back after a short hiatus!

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