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More Than 46,000 Federal Drug Prisoners May Soon Be Eligible For Sentence Reductions

The US Sentencing Commission today adopted an amendment which could reduce the sentences of thousands of federal prisoners serving time for drug offenses.

Drug Policy Facts Podcast for July 1, 2014

Political pressure stops research, and the CDC is talking again about prescription drug overdoses - it's the D

Drug Policy Facts Podcast for June 24, 2014

A House subcommittee looks at federal marijuana policy, and we look ahead to Thursday’s Global Day Of Action Against the War on Drugs.

Drug Policy Facts Podcast #31 Is Now Online!

This week: Dean Becker of the Drug Truth Network talks about his new book and a debate challenge, plus it’s the 43rd anniversary of methadone maintenance in the US.

Drug Policy Facts Podcast #27 Available for Download

This week: Hemp seeds are going to Kentucky; the constitutionality of cannabis scheduling is going to fede

Drug Policy Facts Podcast #23 Is Available For Download!

This week: Our 420 Activism Special, featuring audio from organizers and activists including Vivian McPeak, Kari Boiter, E

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