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Milwaukee Prosecutor Works To Stop Over-Incarceration

Jeffrey Toobin has an excellent piece in the May 11, 2015 issue of The New Yorker, titled

UN General Assembly Debates Global Drug Policy

The United Nations General Assembly met recently in New York to hold a day-long set of debates and discussions regarding global drug policy.

Indonesia Prepares To Execute "Bali Nine"

The nation of Indonesia is one of a handful of countries around the world that still use the death penalty for some drug offenses.

Houston Chronicle: Judge: Feds owe trucking company nothing over DEA informant murder

Dane Schiller with @HoustonChron reports that a local trucking company's vehicle "was used and damaged in a drug sting against one of Mexico’s most violent cartels without his permission and that [t

New York Times Editorials Call For Marijuana Legalization

The New York Times has recently published editorials calling for an end to cannabis prohibition and for the legalization of marijuana.

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