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Policing By The Clock [AUDIO]

Drug War Facts Editor Doug McVay reports for the Drug Truth Network and puts into context new research showing the amount of police time spent enforcing marijuana possession laws.

One Million Hours Of Police Time: Marijuana Possession Arrests In NYC

New research by Professor Harry Levine of Queens College, City University of New York, provides an estimate of amount of police time used for a single marijuana arrest.

Mark Kleiman, Noted Drug Policy Researcher, Lands WA State Marijuana Consulting Contract

News agencies are reporting that the state of Washington is expected to name Botec Analysis Corp. as its new marijuana consultant.

NY Assemblyman Who Voted Against Medical Marijuana Arrested - For Marijuana

New York State Assemblyman Stephen Katz was arrested for possession of marijuana after being stopped for speeding just south of Albany.

Regulation of Marijuana in Colorado: Task Force Issues Final Report on Implementation of A64

Colorado's Task Force on Implementation of Amendment 64 has issued its final report:

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