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Attorney General Ashcroft Says He Wants To "Escalate The War On Drugs"

Attorney General Takes Leadership On Drug Bush Policy, Outlines Plans

Attorney General John Ashcroft recently laid out his plans for the Justice Department under the Bush Administration. The Washington Post reports that AG Ashcroft outlined his top priorities to senior staffers at the Justice Department. "Violence, Teen Drug Use Are Ashcroft Priorities"(. According to the Post, "reducing gun violence, opposing teen drug use and battling discrimination against women and minorities in housing and voting will be his key early goals."

In an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live, AG Ashcroft said "Well, I want to escalate the war on drugs. I want to renew it. I want to refresh it, relaunch it if you will." (see also the Associated Press story about the King show appearance, "John Ashcroft Outlines Top Goals").

Click here for more on the controversy over former Senator Ashcroft's nomination as Attorney General.

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