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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Common Sense for Drug Policy offers an RSS news feed. The CSDP news feed features current news articles as well as updates and additions to the Common Sense family of websites and other items. Just point your news reader to this URI:
Subcribe now and catch the latest news and all the most uptodate information on drug control policies.

CSDP and the DrugTruth Network are working together to provide podcasts of Cultural Baggage. Cultural Baggage is broadcast from the studios of KPFT-FM in Houston, TX, and syndicated to more than 55 stations around North America. Now, you can catch the Cultural Baggage show anytime, anywhere, by downloading programs to your computer and/or to your MP3 player. Just point your favorite podcasting software to this URI:
DTN also keeps an archive of past Cultural Baggage broadcasts as well as their other programs, Century of Lies and the 420 Newsbriefs on the DrugTruth website.

Now Available: download individual audio segments recorded by CSDP Director of Research Doug McVay and originally heard on the Drug Truth Network. The URL to subscribe to a weekly podcast is
Following is a list of available files in mp3 format listed by date of show:
May 5, 2007: Walters and cocaine
April 27, 2007: Bolivian cocaine production
April 20, 2007: UK Drug Policy Council
April 13, 2007: DARE Day
April 6, 2007: Alcohol

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