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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Hemp Emerges As Connections Between Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors Strengthen

Once the connections are bridged between agricultural and manufacturing sectors, hemp will be a viable choice to create financial opportunities for farmers. According to The Community Press August 21, 2008 article,("Hemp: The New Choice For Farmers-And It's Legal") "John Baker, president and founder of Stonehedge Bio-Resources Inc., said Eastern Ontario has the ideal climate and soil to grow hemp crops.'This crop has potential to be a good reward to the agriculture sector,' Baker said. 'It's just the perfect environment for growing hemp."

The article states, "Baker has licences for 19 hemp fields with the majority located in Hastings and Northumberland counties. He currently is researching the plant to determine its use as a biomass. According to his findings, hemp could be a leader in a growing environmentally friendly economy. Baker believes hemp products will result in profits for farmers and producers of materials, and benefit the consumer. Hemp can be used to make bio-masonry and bio-plastic products as well as food supplements and textiles. 'There are hundreds of uses,' Baker said. 'They are already using it in Europe. It is just a matter of bringing it here and actually doing it.' BMW and Mercedes have started using hemp as insulation in their automobiles."

The article adds, "In my first couple of years, they probably stole two acres from a 10- acre site,' Baker said. Growing hemp in Canada is legal, but regulated. It requires a licence from Health Canada and is controlled by the Bureau of Drug Surveillance. Plants must have less than 0.3 per cent THC and they are regularly tested. 'The worry is hemp will be used as a blind for other plant material,' Baker said. While hemp farmers have to find their way through a maze of regulations, laws in other countries can be used to Canada's advantage. 'That same barrier is what's keeping the Americans out of the market,' Baker said. The American Drug Enforcement Agency has its foot firmly in the soil against U.S. farmers producing hemp, leaving manufacturers south of the border looking for a source of the plant's products."

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