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Cantwell Set To Unveil Meth-Fighting Measure

The Oregonian, Jan. 24, 2005

VANCOUVER -- Although much of the United States does not have the West Coast's methamphetamine problem, it soon will if the federal government does not try to derail the epidemic, says Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington.

Today in Congress, Cantwell expects to introduce the Confronting Methamphetamine Act of 2005 to combat the problem.

Cantwell, who met Friday with local law enforcement leaders, said the bill would authorize $100 million a year for the next two years and $200 million a year afterward through 2010 to help:
Arrest and prosecute meth producers.
Assist in child and family services.
Hire and train officers.

Cantwell asked the group Friday for suggestions on how to persuade Senate colleagues that methamphetamine was not just a dilemma in the West.

Tell them, "It's now finding its way to the East Coast, and it will be in Washington, D.C., sitting in your lap," said Clark County Sheriff Garry Lucas.

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