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This advertisement appeared in the National Review, the The New Republic, the Weekly Standard, The Nation, Reason Magazine and The Progressive.

The more we escalate
the drug war, the more
young people and others die.
• October 14, 1982: President Reagan calls for escalation of war on drugs
• Fall, 1984: Drug sentences increase, mandatory sentencing guidelines
• enacted, Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984.
• June 7, 1986: Presidential Directive labels drug trade "a national security
• concern". Authorizes expanded use of military.
“These outcomes may be understood as public
health consequences of policies that criminalize
and marginalize drug users ...”
- Dr. Ernest Drucker, Public Health Reports Jan./Feb. 1999
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See: Drucker, Ernest, "Drug Prohibition and Public Health," Public Health Reports, (U.S. Public Health Service) Vol. 114, pgs. 14-29 January/February 1999, http://www.of-course.com/drugrealities/

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