The Organization of American States has released a new report titled "Report on Drug Use in the Americas, 2015." According to the OAS, it is an "exhaustive analysis of drug use in OAS member states and offers a hemispheric and subregional outlook with respect to the consumption of psychoactive substances in recent years."

The report, by Inter-American Observatory on Drugs, can be downloaded from

The United Nations General Assembly met recently in New York to hold a day-long set of debates and discussions regarding global drug policy. The UN Press Office reported on May 7:

"Insufficient progress in combating the illegal drug trade called for a new global approach that moved beyond a heavy focus on prohibition and addressed consumption from a holistic public health perspective that placed individual human rights and well-being at its core, speakers said today in a General Assembly high-level debate devoted to the issue."

The nation of Indonesia is one of a handful of countries around the world that still use the death penalty for some drug offenses. Indonesia has been in the spotlight recently because of the planned execution of a group of people, known in the media as the Bali Nine, who were convicted on drug charges.

The news source Malaysian Insider reported on April 28th, 2015, that:

"Indonesia will execute nine drug convicts, including eight foreigners, after midnight on Tuesday (1am Wednesday Malaysian time), the country's attorney-general has confirmed.