The PBS Frontline two-hour special "Chasing Heroin" aired February 23, 2016. The full-length video, transcripts, and special added features are available through the Frontline website.

Opiate use and opioid dependence represent a complex set of issues. Unfortunately, a television special, even a two-hour presentation from Frontline, can give those issues short shrift. The world-renowned addiction expert Stanton Peele has written a tremendous piece for The Influence that discusses some of those shortcomings: Six Dangerous Falsehoods Peddled by the “Frontline” Heroin Special.

The website Drug War Facts / Drug Policy Facts has several sections that address those issues, including:

Addictive Properties
Causes of Death
Diversion of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Heroin-Assisted Treatment
HIV-AIDS & Injection Drug Use
Methadone and Opioid Substitution Therapy
Pain Management & Prescription Drugs
Safe Injection Facilities
Syringe Exchange
Treatment Overview