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This public service advertisement appears in the National Review, the New Republic, the American Prospect, The Nation, Reason Magazine, and The Progressive in the summer/fall of 2007.
Why is the federal government waging war on medical marijuana patients in California and other states?

photo of raid at LA medical cannabis dispensary
In flagrant disregard of California Law and the Los Angeles City Council, Federal Drug Enforcement Officials raid an exemplary medical marijuana dispensary.

Marijuana is the linchpin in the drug war. For seventy years it has been demonized as the “devil weed” that makes people go crazy.

But if marijuana indeed helps Uncle Ed with his chemo and Grandma with her arthritis, how can it be more dangerous than alcohol ...or even caffeine for that matter?* To maintain the "devil weed" myth the Feds have no choice. If they admit that marijuana has medical value, 70% of the war on drugs unravels.

And despite the wishes of 80% of Americans and the mountain of scientific evidence that marijuana is effective, the Feds continue to harass and prosecute patients.

* www.csdp.org/publicservice/compare2.htm
Photo © 2007 Shay Sowden, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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