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This public service advertisement appears in the National Review, the New Republic, the American Prospect, The Nation, Reason Magazine, and The Progressive in the summer of 2008.
Seven Things We Need to Fix
Current Drug Policy The Cure
  1. Criminals and terrorists control drug production.
  2. Sales are completely unregulated. Kids can buy drugs anywhere.
  3. No taxes are collected.
  4. Trade disputes are settled with guns and violence.
  5. We spend $70 billion a year on enforcement
  6. No labeling or purity standards.
  7. $250-350 billion per year in illegal profits goes to organized crime.
  1. Drug production controlled by government.
  2. Regulated sellers. No street sales, and no sales to kids.
  3. Taxes pay for treatment and education.
  4. Violence will drop dramatically as with repeal of alcohol prohibition.
  5. Enforcement paid for by user fees.
  6. Products must meet purity and labeling standards.
  7. Legal profits to go only to businesses that follow the rules.
A river of illegal, untaxed cash fuels organized crime in the US, civil wars in Latin America, and terrorism in the Middle East.
Common Sense for Drug Policy

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