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This advertisement appeared in the National Review, the The New Republic, the Weekly Standard, The Nation, Reason Magazine and The Progressive in the winter of 2001-2.

The Public Is Saying
"No More Drug War!"

A recent Ridder/Braden opinion poll in the state of Colorado shows:1

73%  of voters believe we should decrease criminal penalties for possession of small quantities of drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor and spend the money saved on prisons to increase drug treatment and prevention.

85%  believe the current war on drugs addresses the symptoms of drug abuse but fails to solve the underlying causes.

83%  of Colorado voters believe we are losing the war on drugs.

A November national Zogby Poll indicated: 2

61%  of the American public opposes arresting and jailing nonviolent marijuana smokers.

67%  oppose the use of federal law enforcement agencies to close patient cooperatives where medical marijuana is legal under state law.

Also, in the last three election cycles the public has approved fourteen state wide reform initiatives!
Why won't Congress listen?

1 Ridder/Braden, Inc., July 2001. More information: contact The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, POB 1156, Boulder, CO 80306, or see www.prison-moratorium.org.
2 Zogby International, December 2001. More information contact the NORML Foundation, 202-483-8751, or see www.norml.org.

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