National Coalition for Effective Drug Policies
Effective Drug Control Budget
FY 2000 Appropriations Recommendation

Steering Committee
Rachel King
American Civil Liberties Union

Kevin Zeese
Common Sense for Drug Policy

Whitney Taylor
Drug Policy Foundation

Kathleen Stoll
The Center for Women
Policy Studies

Eric Sterling
Criminal Justice Policy

Kendra Wright
Family Watch

Sanho Tree
Institute for Policy Studies

Jason Ziedenberg
Justice Policy Institute

Keith Stroup
National Organization for the
Reform of Marijuana Laws

H. Alexander Robinson
Research and Policy Reform Center


The National Coalition for Effective Drug Policies, a network of organizations seeking the development and implementation of national policies that effectively address drug use and drug abuse, makes the following recommendations for expenditures on drug policy:

  • increase funding for after school programs;

  • provide sufficient funds to make treatment on request a reality within the next three years;

  • fund treatment and rehabilitation services for special needs groups (youth, women, families);

  • adequate funds to satisfy the needs for prevention of AIDS and Hepatitis C, including funds for syringe exchange programs;

  • resources to examine the racially disproportionate impact of drug enforcement;

  • resources to examine the effects of prosecution of pregnant women;

  • resources to prevent juvenile delinquency;

  • fund for alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders;

  • resources for honest drug education; and

  • funds to evaluate alternative drug control strategies.

NCEDP is urging that law enforcement, interdiction and other law enforcement budgets be held at current levels until they are evaluated and shown to be effective.

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