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The National Coalition for Effective Drug Policies (NCEDP)

National Coalition for Effective Drug Policies is a coalition of organizations that meet in Washington, D.C. and is dedicated to the development and implementation of federal policies that effectively address drug use and drug abuse. NCEDP member organizations support one or more of the following reforms:

  • shifting federal drug control priorities and policies to public health approaches to drug use that ensure: adequate funding of drug abuse prevention and education; access to interventions that prevent blood borne diseases; and elimination of current barriers to appropriate access to all medically recommended drugs, health care, and substance abuse and mental health services;
  • the repeal and/or reform of drug policies that have a negative and disparate impact on racial and ethnic minorities, women, children, and the poor and the development of alternatives that support rehabilitation and family unity;
  • the restoration of civil liberties including reproductive and child custody rights; and
  • reducing the negative consequences of current drug eradication efforts as well as the development of effective international drug control policies that take into account the environmental impact, human rights and economic condition of all people impacted.
Steering Committee Members

Rachel King, Legislative Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
Kevin Zeese, President, Common Sense for Drug Policy

Whitney Taylor, Drug Policy Foundation

Steering Committee
Kathleen Stoll, The Center for Women Policy Studies
Eric Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Sanho Tree, Institute for Policy Studies
Jason Zeidenberg, Justice Policy Institute
Keith Stroup, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
H. Alexander Robinson, Research and Policy Reform Center

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